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Jaw Bone Fractures: Symptoms, Repair, and Recovery.

A broken or fractured jaw is a common facial injury. Estimates place it as the tenth most fractured bone in the human body. Jaw fractures are a consequence of direct and immense force applied to the jawbone. Because the jawbone is the chief bone in the face, and responsible for any chewing, talking, or other […]

The Trouble With Tongue Ties

From trouble breastfeeding to stunted language development to receding gums, tongue ties and lip ties can cause a number of problems in children and adults, but sometimes are completely harmless. How can you tell the difference? If you feel in your own mouth, there are tissues that connect your upper and lower lip to your […]

What Should I Eat After A Wisdom Tooth Surgery?

Wisdom tooth surgeries may seem annoying, but even more difficult than the surgery itself is figuring out what you can eat after. After the extraction, you should avoid eating foods that are spicy, crunchy or difficult to chew. These foods may increase pain and prevent healing. But that doesn’t mean you have to eat the […]

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